TV Wall Mounting in Fleetwood

TV Wall Mounting in FleetwoodWe used to do TV wall mounting in Fleetwood even though the TV sat on a TV stand or table. We did that because TV’s were so heavy; a 27” could weight almost 100 pounds. We anchored them to the wall to prevent them falling on unsuspecting children. Now, at Aerials & Satellite TV, we anchor the whole TV to the wall. Your Granny can carry today’s 40” flat screen but likely neither she nor many other people can mount it on the wall above her fireplace. Some are able to mount a bracket on the wall and hang the TV from it but cable and electrical cords will be hanging down the wall to reach outlets near the floor. When people ask us how to mount a TV so the cords don’t show we tell them to start by cutting two holes in the wall.

Running the cords and cables behind the wall from the jacks up to where you want your TV is the cleanest solution. If doing that yourself is not your cup of tea in Fleetwood, TV wall mounting is one of many services we offer.  Don’t worry, when we finish your wall will be like new. The mounting bracket will cover the opening where we pull the cables through to connect the TV and any ancillary components. The TV itself then covers the mounting bracket. All connectors are accessible if it becomes necessary. Wall mounting is ideal for viewing from anywhere in the room and of course the space savings is a big plus.

TV wall mounting in Fleetwood is only one of our services. We undertake residential and commercial installations of digital satellite and aerial receivers for service in one room or every room. Installation of security camera systems for homes and commercial complexes is a service much in demand. Calls for adjustments and repairs get a quick response. Same day service can often be arranged. Contact Aerials & Satellite TV for professional local and independent service. The only products we promote are those we’ve learned over the years are the best quality. We are fully insured, certified and carry proof of annual CRB check. We can beat anyone’s price value for value and you will receive our written 3 year guarantee.